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How We Do Business

We know that what we do needs to make our clients more successful and we take that responsibility seriously.

Our clients are busy people so we work with their schedule as much as possible and make ourselves available day and night, weekday and weekend.

When ever possible, we go to our clients rather than making them come to us.

We believe in the services we provide and the positive impact that they have for our clients. 

We find ourselves saying, "no, you don't need that" as frequently as, "this could really help you" because we only want to provide what our customers need.

We feel that by doing business in this manor, our services will help our clients and, in turn, we will continue to be successful.

Rachel Rogers
Owner / Marketing Director

Rachel Rogers had been in the marketing field for over five years when she started inVisual. She has an unbeatable stamina for networking and a vivacious personality. She is recognized as a community leader and is currently serving as the president of the Belmar Chamber of Commerce.

David Rogers
Owner / Head of Technology

David Rogers has a vast knowledge of all facets of computer design and programming. Before inVisual, David was the Head of Technology for Lakewood School District and continues to consult for the school district.

inVisual is a proud member of...

Southern Monmouth Chamber of Commerce

Point Pleasant Chamber of Commerce

Pt. Pleasant Beach Chamber of Commerce

Brielle Chamber of Commerce

Belmar Chamber of Commerce


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